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Sep 2
Ezekiel 37      1 The hand of the LORD was upon me, and He brought me out by the Spirit of the LORD and set me down in the middle of the valley; and it was full of bones…….

Aug 26

This is art work that was done for the song Build. From the Album Ruru. Lyrics.The dragon in the abyss completely chained. Sealed in the abyss totally constrained. Broken is the rod of the King of Tyre……


Aug 19

This illustration is of pre European way in which some Maoris cut down trees. Behind the tree is a bow, which is the force to drive the axe. They made two cuts then easy removed the center portion.

Aug 12

Waka Tupapaku. A maori Waka Tupapaku or burial chest where the exhumed bones of the dead where placed before being hidden in a cave.

Aug 5

The Swan. This image depicts peace and calm as the water seems motionless.

Jul 29

Riroiro Modern art Riroiro (gray warbler). It came from a jewelery necklace I sculptured. Designed to be cast into sterling silver, their are two hands holding a dead little bird.

Jul 22

Tapu Rua This is similar print like Tapu Tahi but here the body is laying out prone. The bones would then be gather up and scraped. Them placed in a cave or hole of a large tree.

Jul 18

Tapu Tahi This image is a depiction of one of the burial methods of the native people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) the Maori. The bones would then be gather up and scraped. Them placed in a cave or hole of a large tree.

Jul 15

Harvest Woman This image was pulled from the original art harvest as I wanted to make use of a simpler form as well.

Jul 15

Harvest This art was created for the song Harvest on the album Whakaka.

Jul 10

Burma Woman, Close up..

Jul 10

Portrait of an old woman from Myanmar (Burma).

Jul 8

A graphite portrait of Rangi from Goldies collection.

Jul 3

Poukai The name comes from Maori mythology of a giant bird that preyed on people. In some of these stories the bird of prey kills and eat the humans. Many believe that these stories relate to the extinct Haast’s eagle, a bird of great strength.

Jul 25

The elegance shape and form the Kotuku (Heron). Rarely seen except by those who specifically seek it out. Its sole New Zealand breeding site near Okarito Lagoon in Westland is well-known and well-protected.

Jul 25

The Toutouwai (Robin) is a very little bird found in NZ. They are very friendly. Just recently while having a rest in native bush we sat down and this bird was looking all around by our feet for food only a meter away. Its as if they have no fear.

Jul 25

This soft doll called Dobbette is the feminine form of Dobby from the Harry Potter series. It was modeled from one hand made by our eldest daughter. It shows the needle and thread she would work with. Little beads were sewn on for eyes.

Jun 17

Sadly “The Sea of Trees”( Aokigahara) is a place in Japan where many people go to commit suicide. The figure in the background with a sickle represents death and the trees have hands that stretch out.

Jun 13

Here I am modeling a crow in the studio from a reference photo.

Jun 13

Hei Tiki Ornamental pendant made of pounamu (green stone). It has the traditional Pāua shell eyes. This is very much a prized Taonga (treasure) in Maori societies.

Jun 11

Put the gun away, Carrot woman has killed the terrorizing wild beast. Knowing this I will sleep better tonight.

Jun 7

Here is the finished item. Horse Dreams. Created on the wonderful free cg software called Blender.

Mar 4

Tohunga Matakite An illustration of occult practice of early.

Mar 4

Head Hunter.

Mar 1

Kia ora! My first post. Moa Hunter

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