Maori Cyborg
Sci Fi art. Half man half terminator, Maori Cyborg has a face with the markings of a traditional  Maori Moko (tattoo, genealogy) carved into the skin with a chisel made from bird bone.
He is also wearing a Hei Tiki (greenstone neck ornament).  In his left ear is a Kiore
(Polynesian rat) a prized maori food and used here as ornamental jewellery..

Modern art Riroiro(gray warbler). It came from a jewellery necklace I sculptured. Designed to be cast into sterling silver, their are two hands holding a dead little bird..

Vector art created for the song Build found on the album Ruru. Quoting from the lyrics “ The dragon in the abyss completely chained. Sealed in the abyss totally constrained. Broken is the rod of the King of Tyre.” This song comes out of
the bible Ezekiel 28:11-19 and Revelation 20 v 2 “And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years”.

This is the art work of Shakhans fifth album cover. Ruru is the maori name yet many people call it Morepork.The Ruru is a cute little owl found here in New Zealand and Tasmania. As with all owls the eyes are sonething very special.

 Tapu Rua
This is similar print like Tapu Tahi but here the body is laying out prone. The name Tapu means under religious restriction. This image is a depiction of the one of the burial method of the native people of Aotearoa (New Zealand) the Maori. The descesed was placed on a plate form in the trees. There the body was left for about a year or less. The flesh would rot away leaveing only the bones. The bones would then be gather up and scaped. After they would be placed some where safe maybe in a cave or in the hole of a large tree. Some where were the enemy would note find them.
The body maybe truss up with the knee being straped up agains the body as I have tried to depict here. The urupā (cemetery) came about from western influences.

The Swan
This image depicts peace and calm as the water seems motionless.


Waka Tupapaku
A maori Waka Tupapaku or burial chest where the exhumed bones of the dead where placed before
being hidden in a cave.

Tope means to cut,cut down. This illustration is of pre European way in which some Maoris cut down trees. Behind the tree is a bow which is the force to drive the axe into the tree. They made two cuts then easy removed the center portion before going to the other side.

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