Feb 1 2016

Studio setup again full steam ahead.


Found a new place to park the bones, now living in the country north of Rotorua.

New Home
1 Dec 2015

Hi everyone
We were homeless for a couple of months and stayed with family

25 September 2015

The studio is moving to a new location by the end of November, I will update with a new photo once we are settled.

23 September 2015

I have decided to keep a blog here on the Offical Shakhan web site. I will be able to link photos to larger versions.
Thanks for looking

30 May

Hi everyone,
I have put our own home web site that I built, back on line.

9 March
Build Video from Ruru (Owl in NZ).
Build video snap shoot

Great Summer
Hi everyone, its been a great summer, managed to get out swimming.
Got burnt once, that sun can be mean. Manage to keep away from the dreaded Portuguese man of war though saw a few.
I have just finished a new vid so will post her soon.
Take care

6th Feb

New video on YouTube – My Butterfly.
My Butterfly from the album Ruru.
Made with Openshot, Kdentlive and Blender.
Thanks for watching.
Link: http://youtu.be/zkrKxMESOtc

My Butterfly
Jan 24

Parachute 2014
Just come back from Parachute 2014 and had a great time.
Really enjoyed the music although a bit loud sometimes.
Names that spring to my mind that we liked were:
Ben Abraham, Steve Lujah (great lead guitar, went over time, not good), Kye Kye (nice layer sound), Tiger Town and Bangladesh

Parachute 2014

New album 7/2/2014
“From under the Anchor”
Shakhan new album coming out on 7/2/2014.
Electronic in sound

July 5

Ruru out today

October 1 2011

Check out this video – Journalist


This animated folk video was released in 2011 and based on a song from Shakhan’s debut album of 2004.
The track was written whilst living in London, England. It relates to the balance of responsibility between the press and the public. Although it refers to a variety of stories that have been read by many – it was inspired by a particular event that occurred in the USA, that was widely reported there and also across the pond in Britain. That story surrounded the death of Matthew Eapen and his British nanny Louise Woodward.
One write up in the BBC at the height of the case can be viewed here:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/19254.stm and is entitled
jury finds Louise guilty of 2nd degree murder.
It is accompanied by a photo of her captioned: “Louise Woodward breaks down during the decision.”

Keith (Muzikman) Hannaleck described Shoshanah’s rendition of the song “heartfelt … one of the highlights of the CD”

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