From Under The Anchor
Containing 12 original songs two of which are instrumentals. The score for these songs was written by me on Daw software and recorded in my home studio. I would hope that these songs are more like sweet red wine than the usual home brew we like to make.

Under The anchor

Written and recorded by Davyd. RURU has more songs developed from guitar riffs. This has given it a heaver sound. There are three acoustic versions and a classical song called” little Tziporah” vocals by Shoshanah, Grace, Tzukeet. Some time wrap used in “My Butterfly” gives it a spaced out feel. Recorded in Kirikiriroa, in Aotearoa, (Hamilton, New Zealand). Shakhan is still pumping out good homegrown stuff. Taste and see for yourself.

Album cover

MANGAI is another brew from the home studio of Shakhan. Plenty of guitar thrown into the mix gives Mangai the overall taste of INDIE ROCK. There is also a pinch of folk and classical added. You will find in your glass songs like “Gun”, “Porn” and “Death Row”, with love songs “Ha Shem Has Given” and “Irish Orchid”.

Released under indie record label Namohrd. Recorded in Kirikiriroa, in Aotearoa, (Hamilton, New Zealand), Mangai is home grown stuff with a good colour.


Whakaka (Maori for light), features lyrics that like our debut album, relate to what Shakhan believes to be truth and yet is more direct as to what that truth is. Musically, there are some interesting electronic sounds on tracks such as “Old Man”, “Hands” and “You made the Blue”. There is still much guitar based music hanging on in there, and Shoshanah has made a return to composition and performance. This album also features the female vocals of Grace and Tzukeet who perform on flute and percussion.

Recorded in Kirikiriroa, Aetearoa (New Zealand) and released in 2011 by Namohrd


Forgotten Tree
This is a collection of 18 songs and has a lighter feel. There is a more conventional 4 piece band sound happening with electric lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, synth and cello which are blended together. This album would appeal to those who like acoustic rock.

There is the same emphasis on colourful lyrics, covering a broad range of topics: Love songs like “Rose to Love” (acoustic and band versions), “Celtic Woman” (band and acoustic versions), the lyrical challenge of “Who can tame the tongue?” and “June for April and December” and on the joy of hang gliding in New Zealand “Worship at our Temple”.

Davyd is the musical performer, musical composer, and lyricist of Forgotten Tree.

Recorded in Perth, Western Australia and released in 2011 by Namohrd.

Forgitten Tree

The System remix
Not happy with the mastering of the debut album this is a remix of the original songs.
Not a true “remix” album this has 3 new songs, Caroline, Touch Base (see free), and God the Weaver.

Remixed in Perth, Western Australia and released in 2011 by Namohrd

The System

The System
Released as a set of 10 protest songs, our debut album has a dark lyrical content within what is often a bright musical framework.

Keith (Muzikman) Hannaleck wrote “I truly admire this artist (Davyd) for having the intestinal fortitude to write and sing about what really goes on his mind, many of us would never dare … I mean you really have to think about the lyrics and that is probably why he sings/talks in a Lou Reed sort of way.”

Instruments include: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, cello, flute, mouth organ and piano. All songs are composed, written and performed by Davyd except for “Journalist” which is by Shoshanah.

Recorded in London, England and released in 2004 by Namohrd.

The System
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