1 Sea of Trees                    
2 Glorious Red Dirt
3 Rosie and Cider
4 God the Weaver
5 Gun

The System remix
Not happy with the mastering of the debut album this is a remix of the original songs.
Not a true “remix” album this has 3 new songs, Caroline, Touch Base (see free), and God the Weaver.

Remixed in Perth, Western Australia and released in 2011 by Namohrd

The System

The System
Released as a set of 10 protest songs, our debut album has a dark lyrical content within what is often a bright musical framework.

Keith (Muzikman) Hannaleck wrote “I truly admire this artist (Davyd) for having the intestinal fortitude to write and sing about what really goes on his mind, many of us would never dare … I mean you really have to think about the lyrics and that is probably why he sings/talks in a Lou Reed sort of way.”

Instruments include: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, cello, flute, mouth organ and piano. All songs are composed, written and performed by Davyd except for “Journalist” which is by Shoshanah.

Recorded in London, England and released in 2004 by Namohrd.

The System
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