Have already uploaded a new single called “Think for Yourself” see singles tab.

Have uploaded a new single called “Laboured in Vain”, plus the digital version of
Red Wing- Asaroke

Have uploaded a new piece of graphite pencil art for sale “Red Wing-Apsaroke” (Mixed Media)

Shakhan has gone a bit loopy! No not crazy, we have started
playing around with looping.The looping software is Luppp
running off Linux based OS. This is our first attempt with the song called Feel Free
which is based around Am blues. Enjoy.

Feel Free

Your busy day now ended, take the weight off your lovely feet
Let your pretty hair down, and dissolve into your seat
Now is the time to jump off your roundabout
A little glass of wine seeps in, then stress seeps out

You spent such a long day, working hard on your battlefield
Time to take your armor off, no, no need for your sword to wield
Now is the time to jump off your roundabout
A little glass of wine seeps in then stress seeps out

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

Youtube link

We have just released two singles 1 Feel Free which is taken from a live looping session.
Also 2 Little Bird a blues song.

Shakhan has a problem, but don’t worry its a good problem!
Let me explain: we have a back log of unreleased music, so
we have decided to take the easy route and to start releasing singles.
You can expect to see a slow but steady stream of singles from Shakhan in the near future.

For Shakhan 2020 was busy as we remixed and masters much of our repertoire.
All in all this worked out very well by pushing the vocals up front, adding more beat to the mixers. Separating sounds, a great improvement.

Today I added “Shakhan Art” links to the web site.
It contains a short description about the artist and the mediums used. Plus a graphite pencil and cg page displaying some of Shakhan art work.