Lyrics – Singles

1 Feel Free

Your busy day now ended, take the weight off your lovely feet
Let your pretty hair down, and dissolve in to your seat
Now is the time to jump off your round about
A little glass of wine seeps in, then stress seeps out

You spent such a long day, working hard on your battle field
Time to take your armour off, no no need for your sword to wield

Now is the time to jump off your round about
A little glass of wine seeps in then stress seeps out

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

2 Little Bird

Little Bird come sing a song for me
I see you sitting in that tree
A sweet little melody to witel away the time
Help clear my mind full of clutter and grime

Your not concerned about tomorrow
Little bird your never have to borrow
I long to be just like you for on the smooth wind you travel
I have to drag my feet across the gavel

Living life without a single care
As I sit with so much grey hair
Your slowly rocking in that tree
Their your rocking in that tree
Just like my Mum once rocked me

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

3 Labored in Vain

I am so weary I’ve laboured in vain
Precious spoken words bounced off their brain
Falling then trampled from the light of the sun
I fought the fight in the end they won
This gold I mined from the pagers of a book
It takes more than a superficial look
Few are they that want to work in the mines
Most choose to party and on sensation dine

I can see the bride she’s grimy unclean
Her bones sticking out she’s way to lean
In my hands was food and a bottle of perfume
She got angry then push me out of the room
Sitting on the hill watch these fellows walk on by
Its amazing they can walk with that log in their eye
The sun will go down and the time fade
As I sit here I wonder who can break the blockade

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

4 Think for Yourself

Think for yourself my friend, you are being lead astray
You are being ushered down a darkened alley way
I saw many running, over giant cliff
Piled up at the bottom lifeless bodies stiff

Think for yourself
Think for Yourself

That’s good think on your feet think when laying on your bed
We all need to find truth hidden deep down in the thread
Cold dark web of lies now block the path way
I see that many many go astray

Think for yourself
Think for yourself

From the great pool of knowledge drag truth out on to the shore
Yet I know that many regard it a great big chore
Why follow that Judas goat to the pen
Why follow that fool to the lions den

Think for yourself
Think for yourself

Trust a blind man to lead you could fall into a well
If a satanist led you would fall into hell
Open up your mind then blow cobwebs out
Your head wants to fill that place with doubt

Think for yourself
Think for yourself

Lyrics by Davyd Homan

© Davyd Homan 2021