Shakhan have been described as singer songwriter, folk and alternative rock and their sound always goes hand in hand with a focus on lyrical content.

It all started with the simple love of music and the joy of playing an instrument.
From early beginnings of relaxing by having a little jam on the guitars Shakhan’s music has grown to 6 albums.

Shakhan was formed after a period of enjoying recording on a 4 track recorder which led to the desire to record a complete project. The purchase of a new G3 300 mhz computer, audio card and Cubase software followed in the 1990’s. From this Shakhan began. Debut album ‘The System’ was released in 2004 from London, England as a set of protest songs, and a has strong orchestrated pulse with a contemporary feel and a ballad thing going on. Keith (Musik Man) Hannaleck wrote that the music “ … is a horse of a different colour, featuring dark eerie soundscapes that you will feel drawn to out of curiousity”, and of the lyrics: “This is life, this is truth, these are thoughts from dark places”.

Not happy with the original sound recording quality the debut album re-released in March 2011 as a remix with acoustic versions of some tracks. This was alongside ‘Forgotten Tree’, entirely Davyd’s creation, and a blend of band and acoustic tracks with the all important lyrical content. These were produced down under in Perth, Australia and and followed up with ‘Whakaka’ (Maori for light) in Kirikiriroa, Aotearoa (Hamilton, New Zealand), the birth country of Davyd and where Shakhan is based. More albums have followed: Mangai, Ruru (owl), and From under the Anchor.

Davyd who writes in score, has been the main singer songwriter of Shakhan. He plays acoustic guitar, lead rhythm guitar, bass guitar, flute and mouth organ. Shoshanah, the other Singer Songwriter, plays acoustic guitar and keyboards. On the album ‘Whakaka’ they are joined by Grace on flute and vocals, and Tzukeet on percussion and vocals.

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