Art – Portfolio

Davyd was born on the coast of Te Ika-a-Māui (North Island, New Zealand) in Whitianga.
He is of Pakeha and Maori descent. His European side is Irish, English and Scandinavian. On his Maori side are Iwi (tribal) connections to Te Rarawa, Ngati Paoa and Te Ati Awa.

He has been involved in the arts for quite some time; in music. Davyd is a singer songwriter and music producer as can be seen from his site.

Producing visual art is a fairly new venture for him. It started with learning the basics in the wonderful Open Source cg software “Blender”. Being something of a sci-fi fan lead him on this path and is what he used to create the cg images in his portfolio.

After dabbling in CG art Davyd decided to start to move into graphite pencil drawing.
He users A3 size Arches Watercolour Hot Press 140bls paper which is 100% rag.
Drawing with 2mm Koh-i-noor graphite pencils lead in mechanical pencils.
He is a present dabbling in mixed media by incorporating polychomos coloured pencils
to his graphite drawings. Thanks for looking.